Westfalia Vanagon full camper interior (Fully and completely professionally restored) in San Buenaventura (Ventura), Ventura County, California

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Here's a long description that I wrote. I figure if someone is looking for a great Westy, they'd want all the details up front. Call me directly if you'd rather. My number is on the last line of this posting.

This 1984 water-cooled California, rust-free Vanagon Westfalia originally purchased in San Diego. It has the original blue and gold California license plates meaning that it was never registered outside of the state. So it's been in a rust-free environment its entire life

It has a brand new, customized paint inside and out, with an incredible looking two-tone dash/cockpit area, Brand new plaid-type fabric for the seats, new foam in the upholstery, custom paint on the interior, and exterior. You'll never find another like this. And it's a totally rust-free, ORIGINAL California Westfalia.


Looks brand new inside and outside. Very cool with the custom upholstered seats. No rust at all.

~This is a professional paint job with a high-quality, 2-stage, and 2-tone paint job. I had the bumpers, poptop, every light, lens, mirror, door handle, etc. before being painted "inside and out". In other words, it was "done right". The Porsche Sport Grey paint is a flat paint that looks very cool and matches perfectly with the custom interior seats, dash, etc. We chose the fabric first and then painted the van to match.

We accented the matte grey with black along the bottom, around the front windshield, down the side, the roof coamings, and a stripe of black was added to the back lift gate.

~The tent is nearly new and looks great. This is the upgraded 3-window model which allows for better ventilation. And you can look to the left and right side of the van when camping...or keep them closed. It's a really nice feature.

~The cockpit is "customized", with the dash being painted (properly) in 2-tone black and light beige. I think that it looks really cool. The cockpit alone demonstrates the care taken by my painter. He's a true artist. This is not some cheap paint that is going to chip off. This was properly applied with a special process (that is above my pay-grade to be able to explain). Simply, it won't chip off. This two-tone dash looks great and definitely sets it apart.

~The door panels are the same custom light beige as well (as opposed to the old brown). And the window handles have been upgraded to not scrape the door panel (and to allow for bigger front speakers)

~On the inside, the seats have completely new foam seat cushions and automotive quality fabric upholstery.

~Additionally, ALL the other interior plastics look good or have been properly painted as well.

~On the exterior, all of the trim, grills, door handles, mirrors, etc have been painted black. This is not some "rattle-can" paint. This is all proper paint that won't be chipping off. You might notice in the pictures that one of the back vents is missing. I have one on order and it will be included in the purchase.

~Full camper interior with sink, stove, frig, water tank, cabinetry, etc

~~The wheels have been custom painted to match the van.

----- MECHANICALLY -----

~~This has a NEW 2.1 liter motor!! Runs strong and will barrel along down the freeway quite comfortably. I had the entire vehicle gone through by my personal mechanic, Wilhelm and he's 82 years old. He was trained at the factory (and in Tilburg Holland) when these were first made. He know's his stuff. Being that it's a 1984, it's water cooled. It runs perfectly. I wouldn't hesitate taking it anywhere! It's ready to roll.

~~It's a 4-speed stick shift, with a new clutch installed when the motor was replaced.
~~The tires are like new.
~~The gas tank hoses have just been replaced about 2 months ago...they all need it at some point. It's a bit of a pain to do but you won't ever have to worry about that now.
~~The frame, body, and undercarriage are all completely rust free.
~~The headlights all work, the windows do their thing, the wing windows don't whistle, the seats are comfortable (being that they are new), it has a front and rear heater, the windshield wipers work as expected, and even the cigarette lighter (12V socket) works.

It's super hard to find these where they have been paint on the both INSIDE and OUTSIDE. At best, you'll find a new exterior coat of paint (and often it doesn't match the interior). And most of the other vans have seats that are worn and/or ripped. And most have "just a little bit" of rust...and regarding the rust, when you see that tiny rust bubble under one of the window, what you don't see is how far back that rust goes. I can show you the before, during, and after pictures to prove the original condition was rust free.

My cell is 8o5 7two, nine, 56o six

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